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Stock Stand Up Pouches

Clear Stand Ups   Foil & Metallized Stand Ups
Stand Ups with Window   Vista (Clear/Colored) Stand Ups   Rice Paper Stand Ups
Stand Up Pouches are available in a wide variety of types, colors and sizes
Stand Up Pouches have become the ideal flexible packaging medium for both large and small businesses alike. Stand up pouches elegantly maximize shelf space over traditional packaging such as boxes and cartons and since the pouches are shipped flat before filling, they also minimize costs of freight and warehousing. Stand up pouches can be used for unlimited number of applications (food, drinks, snacks, pet treats, etc.)

Stand up pouches are available in clear, foil, metallized, rice paper, with windows and vista type with a clear front and colored back. Most have reclosable zippers, some have a degassing valve. We have some clear pouches packaged in 250 or 500pcs/case allowing smaller scale packaging and have just added full case stand up pouches in a wide variety of material configurations. Pouches meet FDA regulations for food use.

how to measure stand up pouches

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Clear Stand Up Pouches

Foil & Metallized Stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Pouches with Window

Vista (Clear/Colored) Stand Up Pouches

Rice Paper Stand Up Pouches

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