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Oxygen Absorbers for Shelf Life Extension


Dry Pak oxygen absorber packets        Oxygen absorber packets in use

We offer a line of oxygen absorbers designed to remove unwanted oxygen inside a packaged environment. Oxygen absorbers are safe and easy to use with food products such as dried meats, baked goods, dried spices, bulk foods and other foodstuffs. Our Dry Pak oxygen absorbers are available in sizes ranging from 20cc to 2000cc in individual packets. Each case is into a number of sealed bags with a quantity of packets that varies by size. See the chart below for case and bag quantities.

Oxygen Absorber Advantages:

  • Lowers oxygen levels to less than 0.01%
  • Available in individual packets
  • Maintains product freshness
  • Extends product shelf life
  • FDA GRAS Rated: safe for use with food and food related products
  • Prevents mold, mildew and bacteria from forming
  • Safe & easy to use
  • Can be used in a variety of packaging: pouches, canisters, tins and pails

Available in the following sizes:

  • 20cc, 30cc, 50cc, 100cc, 200cc, 300cc, 400cc, 500cc, 750cc & 1000cc

Case quantities only. Case weight is 54 pounds.

FT-20 20cc 10,000 250 packets 40 Bags $293.40 Qty Cases
FT-30 30cc 10,000 250 packets 40 Bags $307.10 Qty Cases
FT-50 50cc 6,000 200 packets 30 Bags $264.50 Qty Cases
FT-100 100cc 4,000 100 packets 40 Bags $278.50 Qty Cases
FT-200 200cc 3,000 75 packets 40 Bags $264.60 Qty Cases
FT-300 300cc 2,400 60 packets 40 Bags $321.60 Qty Cases
FT-400 400cc 2,000 50 packets 40 Bags $379.80 Qty Cases
FT-500 500cc 1,600 40 packets 40 Bags $250.20 Qty Cases
FT-750 750cc 750 25 packets 30 Bags $235.70 Qty Cases
FT-1000 1000cc 750 25 packets 30 Bags $250.00 Qty Cases
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