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Vacuum Pouches for Jerky

Other pouch types: 3 mil, 4 mil, boilable, high barrier, safe handling, zipper, embossed
Bone Guard

The 4.5 mil polyester/EVOH/LLDPE vacuum pouches on this page are acceptable for use up to and including 212°F as packaging material in direct contact with food product. the U.S. Department of Agriculture requires meat, poultry and dairy plants to secure and keep on file garantees from packaging suppliers stating that their packaging materials comply with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. We would be happy to provide you with that letter of guarantee. Just email Doug Care and request the letter of guarantee. Be sure to include the part numbers from your invoice of the pouches you've purchased!

If you are looking for a custom size pouch that's not listed here, we can provide you with a quote. Take a look at our custom pouch page or call us at 559-539-3076 or E-mail us at

Order your vacuum pouches online! Our shopping cart will price the correct quantity discounts only on one size of pouch. If you order more than one size, we will correct the price before processing. Enter the number of cases you want of each size then click the "Add to Cart" button near the bottom of the page. You can click on the "Reset Quantity" button to erase the order quantities and start over. For larger pouch orders you will see a line above the normal shipping options that says "we will call you with best shipping rate". Choose this shipping method to have us see if we can save you some money in shipping.

Pouches may ship from different locations. We'll combine them both for quantity discounts but they may or may not be combined to save on freight depending on quantity ordered. We will do everything we can to keep your shipping costs down.

Our stock 3 mil high barrier pouches and our stock 3 mil high barrier zipper pouches will also work fine for jerky if a three mil pouch is heavy enough for your product.

The pouches on this page do not work with most home vacuum machines including Mini-Vac, Best-Vac, Foodsaver, Magic-Vac, etc. Try our micro-layered pouches for use in these home vacuum machines.
Be careful ordering these pouches - they are not returnable because they are used in FDA regulated food plants.


 NEW - Special quantity pricing is in effect for the stock printed generic jerky pouches on this page: 
5 cartons = -5%, 
10 cartons = -10%, 
20 cartons = -15%,

High barrier with zipper, hang hole, see-through windows, tear notches
Pictures Below
7.5 X 11.1 RED, YELLOW OR BLACK 1000 GJ-075111 30 Lbs. 243.75 Qty 
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Generic jerky pouch in red - tough 5 mil with recloseable zipper. Generic jerky pouch in yellow - tough 5mil with recloseable zipper
Generic jerky pouch in black - tough 5mil with recloseable zipper

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