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Custom Vacuum Pouches & Bags
Printed, Stand Up, Zippered, Mil-Spec, Static Control

Custom Pouch Questions
Pouch Types, Pouch Materials, Pouch Features
Stock Pouchs: 3 mil, 4 mil, boilable, high barrier, safe handling, zipper, embossed
Bone Guard

NEW! We are in the process of developing a brand new web site. We now have a form on that new web site that can be accessed from here. Please fill out the form to help us know what you are looking for in a custom pouch.

We have the ability to provide you with a wide variety of custom pouches that are not included with our stock pouch program. These pouch types and materials are designed for the following markets: Food, Industrial, Electronic, Mil Spec. They can include vacuum and non-vacuum uses. We can offer fairly low minimum quantities on some custom pouch materials so contact us with your needs. We'll get you an exact quote. Some of the pouches and materials we offer include:


Stand up pouches available in most any size.
  • Stock Materials, Custom Sizes
    • 3 mil standard barrier
    • 3 mil high barrier with EVOH
    • 3 mil boilable
    • 4 mil
  • Custom Materials
    • Clear Laminates & COEX
    • 5 mil and Thicker
    • Mylar (PET) Foil
    • Gold & Silver Metalized
    • Static Control
    • Mil-Spec Materials
  • Custom Features
    • Reclosable Zippers
    • Tamper Evident
    • Hang Holes & Tear Notches
    • Stand-Up Pouches
    • Printing
    • Tubing
    • Sheet/Rollstock Films
3 side seal pouches available in stock and custom sizes
We'll try and explain these different options below. For a quote call us at 559-539-3076 or E-mail Doug at


FLAT POUCHES  2-dimensional flat pouches can be made from a variety of material. They can be made with or without zippers, hang holes, inking, hot stamping, full printing (up to 10 color rotogravure or surface flexo printed), top or bottom loading and tamper evident. Pouches can be made with either 2 seals or 3 seals, depending on your application.
STAND UP POUCHES  3-dimensional stand up pouches can be made from a variety of material. The bottom gusset opens up giving this type of pouch it's "stand up" properties. They can be made with or without zippers, hang holes, inking, hot stamping, full printing (up to 10 color rotogravure or surface flexo printed) and tamper evident. SUP's can be manufactured with K style or Doyen style bottom gussets up to 6".
STATIC-SHIELDING POUCHES  2-seal static shielding pouches with a Faraday Cage protects your integrated circuits, circuit boards loaded with static sensitive devices and microelectronics. A variety of electrostatic shielding materials are available with various moisture vapor, oxygen and puncture properties. Some materials are 50% transparent for ease of product identification. Mil-Spec materials are also available with electrostatic shielding properties. Available with or without reclosable zippers.
TONER BAGS  two materials (2.1 mil and 2.85 mil) are specifically designed to keep your toner cartridges safe. These materials together with our pouch partner's sealing technology, provides a barrier to unwanted environmental factors such as light, puncture, moisture, tear, gas, dust, odor and water.
TUBING  We can supply tubing in all the material we offer, manufactured to your size and rewound on 3" cores.
ROLLSTOCK/SHEETING  All the material offered can be produced to your size and rewound on 3" cores.


There are too many materials available to list them all. The following list is just an idea of the different types available. Call us at 559-539-3076 or E-mail Doug at to get specific gauge and film properties.
    Available Materials
  • Clear Laminates & COEX
  • Boilable Films
  • Foil Laminates
  • Metalized Laminates
  • Kraft Laminates
  • Anti-Static Laminates
  • Military-Spec Laminates


Our pouches have a variety of special features that can be added. I'll list them below with a description of just what they are.
ZIPPER  A reclosable zipper may be added to most pouch types and materials. The zipper allows the consumer easy access to your product and then the ability to re-close the pouch. The zipper and tamper evident seal will normally add about 1-1/2" to the length of your bag.
TAMPER EVIDENT A sealed header above the zipper that has to be removed to open the zipper. This tamper evident seal is usually at least 1/2" wide if placing a hang hole in it.
HANG HOLE allows bag to be hung on point of purchase (POP) display hook.
TEAR NOTCHES  provide an easy to tear open point on the side of the pouch. They can be actual pointed notches or line nicks in the side seal. They are normally positioned above a zipper but can be placed anywhere on the side of a pouch.
BOTTOM LOADING  is a vacuum pouch that you load and seal at the bottom end. Usually used with zipper tamper evident pouches but can also be a printed pouch without a zipper.
ROTOGRAVURE PRINTING  Pouches and film may be printed with this process which is up to 10 color. Rotogravure printing results in dense, high definition graphics. This is usually applied to a center structure of a laminate film before the laminates are joined so the printing is not on a surface.
SURFACE FLEXO PRINTING  This type of printing is done on the surface of the finished film. Not as complicated as rotogravure so you can't get the details with surface flexo printing. It's also less expensive than rotogravure.
Many types of materials available for pouches. These are a gold background, clear front with reclosable zipper, hang hole and tear notch.

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