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ColumnAir Packaging

Ship your fragile items such as wine bottles and toner cartridges!
  • Lightweight, 99% air, 1% plastic
  • Superior protection during shipping
  • On-demand filling reduces warehouse space
  • Package saving
  • Lower shipping cost
  • Lower storage cost
  • Lower material cost
  • Bag size - 16" x 10" x 6"
Column Air Packaging
Our ColumnAir packaging utilizes multiple yet independent air columns to provide the highest level of product protection possible. This unique design keeps a series of adjoining air columns securely inflated to cushion and protect products during shipment. The air columns are connected via a series of one-way valves. As a result, if one air column is punctured, the others remain inflated to offer continued protection.

Our ColumnAir bag is made of two layers of PE films with air valve film in between, and heat pressed with a high temperature mold to melt them together and create air columns and shapes, so inflatable air columns can have a variety of styles and and types.

How it Works:
Simply place the product into the deflated package. Inflate the package using a simple portable air compressor at the single inflation point. A small manual air pump will work too! Air flows through all the air columns to create a form fitting air cushion around the product. Bags will inflate in about 1-3 seconds. ColumnAir bags will hold air for at least 24 months.

ColumnAir packaging is based on a multi-layered film and air-cushion concept that has integrated independent air columns. By means of one-way air flow valves for each column, the entire substrate of air columns can be inflated from a single point in seconds. We use non-toxic, RoHS compliant films that have high abrasion resistance and load bearing properties.
Custom specifications such as colored or tinted films, custom printing, sealable bags, easy open bags and pouches as well as anti-static films are available.

16" X 10" x 6" 100 CA-16 10 Lbs. 83.50 Qty 
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