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Polyolefin Anti-Fog Centerfold Shrink Film

ANTI-FOG polyolefin film for food products assembled at room temperature and refrigerated. Helps prevent fogging inside film. Stocked in 60 gauge half rolls. Characteristics are:
  • Extremely tough, multi-layered, cross-linked polyolefin shrink film.
  • Excellent for packaging fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and other refrigerated food items. Reduces fogging in package. Shrinks at 300 to 325°F.
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If you don't need an anti-fog film we have several other different types of shrink film depending on your application.

Special quantity pricing is in effect for all film on this page. Mix and match any size on this page and you will qualify for the following from your total pouch order: 
5 cartons = -5%, 
20 cartons = -10%, 
Order your shrink film online! Our shopping cart will price the correct quantity discounts only on one size of pouch. If you order more than one size, we will correct the price before processing.

Be careful ordering this film - it is not returnable due to sanitary health reasons since these products can be used for direct food contact.

ANTI-FOG 60 Gauge; 2,185 foot rolls.
Anti-fog centerfold film used in warm to freezer applications.
Excellent anti-fog properties for over wrapping of all products including pizza, salads and hot prepared foods.
Per Roll
MHRAF6015 15 2185 21 $170.60 Qty Rolls 
MHRAF6019 19 2185 25 $215.93 Qty Rolls 
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