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Centerfold Shrink Film

Centerfold shrink film available in polyolefin and PVC.

We've changed the listings of our polyolefin shrink films to make it easier for you to order. The low temperature shrink film shrinks at a lower temperature then standard and is recommended for most one-step type shrink wrap machines. Our low temperature and anti-fog film now comes in half rolls which are easier to handle. We also have some regular polyolefin film in full size rolls . If you don't see what you want give us a call at 559 539-3076.

Center fold shrink film is a shrinkable film that comes in a roll. The film is folded in the center so that it comes off the roll with the fold to the top. The actual width of film unfolded is twice what is listed (18" film unfolded is 36" across). This type of film is used with L-bar sealers of all types and can also be used with I-bar sealers.

To select the proper film width simply add the product width to the product height and then add 2". So a 6" x 6" x 4" box would be 6 + 4 + 2 = 12" film. You can always use larger film for smaller just have more wasted film.

We have two different types of shrink film depending on your application. Polyolefin is usually soft; if you squeeze a piece of it in your hand, it's soft like Saran wrap. PVC, on the other hand, is crinkley like cellophane. Our polyolefin films can be used for any application including foods. The PVC film we carry is not rated for wrapping food products. The higher the gauge, the thicker (and most of the time, stronger) the film. So use 100 gauge for heavy duty wrapping applications. 60 gauge or thinner can be used for less demanding applications such as tamper proofing soft ware boxes. I'll list each film we carry below along with their individual properties.

LOW TEMPERATURE polyolefin film that is excellent for wrapping sensitive products. Stocked in 60 and 75 gauge half rolls. Characteristics are:

  • Multi-layer co-extruded electronically cross-linked polyolefin shrink film.
  • Lower shrink force shrinks products distortion free.
  • Great for light, unsupported packages. Great for heat sensitive products.
  • Great free shrink for odd shaped packages. Shrinks at lower temperatures. Shrinks at 260 to 290°F.
  • Recommended for all one-step shrink wrap machines.
ANTI-FOG polyolefin film for food products assembled at room temperature and refrigerated. Stocked in 75 gauge half rolls. Characteristics are:
  • Extremely tough, multi-layered, cross-linked polyolefin shrink film.
  • Excellent for packaging fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and other refrigerated food items. Reduces fogging in package. Shrinks at 300 to 325°F.
GENERAL PURPOSE polyolefin is a multi-purpose centerfold shrink film for products including fresh food. It comes in 60 and 75 gauge full size rolls. Characteristics are:
  • Co-extruded, multi-layer construction, polyolefin shrink film offers ideal product protection against tampering and pilferage.
  • Excellent gloss and sparkle with low haze and crystal clear clarity for enhanced appearance and product appeal.
  • FDA approved for direct food Contact. Certificates available upon request.
  • Excellent machinability. Runs on a variety of equipment and seals well with hot wire, band or electro static overlap systems. Shrinks best at 300 to 325°F.
  • Ideal for packaging a variety of products from food and pharmaceuticals to stationary and games.
PVC SHRINK FILM is used in many NON-FOOD applications.

We may have different widths and gauges available that are not listed. The types, gauges and sizes that are listed are normally in stock ready for immediate shipment. Other sizes not in stock may take 4 to 6 weeks to ship. Please call us at 559-539-3076 to verify stock or for sizes not listed. You can mix-and-match all types of polyolefin films for quantity discounts.

Centerfold Shrink Films:

Low Temperature Polyolefin; 60 & 75 Gauge

Anti-Fog Polyolefin; 75 Gauge

General Purpose Polyolefin; 60 and 75 Gauge

PVC Film For Non-Food Applications

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