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Infrared Shrink Tunnels

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Designed for continuous shrinking of PVC, polypropylene and polyolefin films used in shrink packaging. Equipped with an adjustable speed conveyor and two temperature controllers for upper and lower heaters. The tunnel is heated on 4 sides by ten infrared replaceable tubes. Three different size tunnels are available plus one on a stand. Power is 220 volts single phase for these models.

Easy to operate! Turn on the power and the heater. Adjust the conveyor speed. Place the package (shrink film already on it) on the conveyor belt and the film shrinks tightly around the package as it goes through the tunnel.

CN=4520A infared shrink tunnel
CN-4520A Model

    Infrared Shrink Tunnels
AIE Models

Width x Height
Power Wt.
Price Order Online
Spec. Sheet
17.7" x 7.9" 220/240 Volt, 60 Hz, 1 Phase, 6KW 235 $1,937.50
AIE-S3515 14" x 6" 220 Volt, 1 Phase (5 kw) 176 $2,430.00
AIE-S1406 14" x 6" (with stand) 220 Volt, 1 Phase (5 kw) 205 $2,740.00
AIE-S1608 16" x 8" 220 Volt, 1 Phase (6 kw) 205 $3,300.00
AIE-S1612 16" x 12" 220 Volt, 1 Phase (6 kw) 275 $3,420.00

CN-4520A Shrink Tunnel

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We have tunnels made for larger capacity shrink wrap machines. See our main shrink wrap section for more of a selection.

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