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Portable Hand Wheel Direct Heat Sealers

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HWS direct heat hand wheel sealers in 5mm and 10mm widths
HWS-802HW Hand Wheel Sealer
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  AIE RS series hand wheel sealers in 1mm, 5mm and 9mm widths
AIE-RS Series Hand Wheel Sealers
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These units are direct (constant) heat hand wheel sealers that seal plastic material in any configuration available with seal widths from 1mm to 10mm. Simply place the PTFE coated wheel along the material whether the material is polyethylene or cellophane. These versatile sealers can make round, oval, square or any unique shape with a textured mesh seal. The HWS Series is available in 5mm and 10mm seal widths. The AIE series is available in 1mm, 5mm and 9mm seal widths.
Easy to Operate - Place the unit on the rack and plug into an outlet. Turn on the temperature control knob to the setting that seals the material. Allow the unit to heat up for approximately 10 minutes. Place the material to be sealed on the heat resistant rubber mat and roll the hand wheel across the material. Note: A few trials may be necessary to determine the correct temperature setting and speed.

  • Great for irregular size packaging.
  • Suited for sealing thicker materials.
  • Equipped with a convenient rack to hld sealer when not in use.
  • Temperature can be regulated from 150°F to 360°F with a quick turn of the knob.
  • Temperature conroller contains on/off switch with safety light.
  • Sealing wheel is PTFE coated with an embossed design.
  • Safety shield protects user from accidentally touching the hot wheel.
  • Protective rubber mat included.

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  • Always use the smooth heat resistant rubber mat or corrugated cardboard under the material to be sealed.
  • Never seal on glass, paper, or wood.
  • Roll the hand wheel slowly and steadily over the material to be sealed.
  • Avoid pressing down too hard or rolling too fast.
  • Adjust the temperature and/or speed to get the desired seal.
  • Replace the hand wheel sealer on the rack when finished sealing.
  • Turn off the switch when sealing is completed.
  • If you want a "seal & cut" type of seal, turn the unit so that only the wheel edge comes in contact with the plastic material.
  • Always remove any bits of accumulated plastic from wheel by using a dry cloth or soft brush.
  • Always unplug the unit before performing any maintenance.

Model Seal Width Power Watts Ship From Weight DCE Price ORDER ONLINE
AIE-RS3 1mm 70 City of Industry, CA 2 Lbs. $129.00 Qty 
HWS-802HW 5mm 70 Northridge, CA 2 Lbs. $140.00 Qty 
AIE-RS1 5mm 70 City of Industry, CA 2 Lbs. $140.00 Qty 
AIE-RS2 9mm 70 City of Industry, CA 2 Lbs. $154.00 Qty 
HWS-803HW 10mm 70 Northridge, CA 3 Lbs. $154.00 Qty 
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WT-250 Portable Heat Wand Sealer

The WT-250 portable sealer is ideal for sealing irregular items especially with the sealer's direct flat heated bar that measures about 10" x 1.5". Because this sealer is direct heat, the heat wand can be used on coated aluminum foil, poly cello films, gusset bags, coated kraft papers, waxed paper, cellophane, mylar, coated PP and other thicker materials. The sealer is constructed of durable metal with an insulated wooden handgrip.
Please DO NOT touch the jaw of the sealer until it has cooled down. An optional insualted mat is available for purchase with the WT-250 sealer. Easy to Operate - Depending on the material, allow 5-15 minutes of warm up time for the sealer to reached the desired temperature.

  • Ideal for sealing irregular pacakges.
  • 10" heated bar.
  • Economically priced unit.
  • Optional 12" working mat available.
Model Seal Lenth Seal Width Power Watts Ship From Weight DCE Price Ordering
WT-250 10" 1.5" 25 Northridge, CA 2 Lbs. $28.50

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