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One Step Shrink Wrap Machines for Food Products

More One-Step Wrappers

Minipack Shrink Wrap Parts & Manuals

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The one-step systems listed here are a great way to start out with shrink wrapping. One step systems feature a chamber where the film is sealed and cut while simultaneously shrinking so there is no need for a separate shrink tunnel. One-step shrink wrap systems are available in both Manual and Semi-Automatic versions. The semi-suto machines add a conveyor to remove the finished package from the chamber. More one-step shrink wrap systems thhat can be used with food items can be seen on this page. If you're not familiar with shrink wrapping, we have a list of common shrink wrap definitions and a list explaining the options. that are available on some of the shrink systems. These shrink wrap machines use polyolefin or PVC centerfold shrink film.

galaxy one step shrink wrapper from minipack GALAXY FOOD One Step Manual Shrink Wrap System
17" x 14" x 8"H Sealing Area
20" Maximum Film Width
115 Volt/60/1 Phase, 1700 Watts, 18A
Up to 6 wraps per minute
Call us at 559-539-3076

galileo one step shrink wrapper from minipack GALILEO FOOD One Step Manual Shrink Wrap System
20" x 16" x 8"H Sealing Area
24" Maximum Film Width
220 Volt/60/1 Phase, 2550 Watts, 14A
Up to 9 wraps per minute
Currently Not Available

RP-85 one step shrink wrap machine RP-85 FOOD One Step Manual Shrink Wrap System
35" x 20" x 8"H Sealing Area
32" Maximum Film Width
208 Volt/60/3 Phase, 4200 Watts
Up to 10 wraps per minute
Call us at 559-539-3076

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