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Options Explained for MVS Chamber Vacuum Machines

MVS models have changed. Click here for differences.

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Minipack X-model MVS vacuum machines have the new, sleek lines. XP Option is now available on all X model machines. This option turns the X model into, for all practical purposes, a XP machine! This option on the machine has been designed with the FDA vacuum packing rules regarding traceability in mind. You can obtain, for any single vacuum packaging cycle, a label where the essential processing information is printed. XP versions have 100 programmable vacuum programs, a liquid crystal display, an oil change reminder, auto-calibration mode, safety system against the risk of seal bars overheating. The XP features make these these models HACCP Compliant! Ask us about the Minipack HACCP Portal.
  • Liquid Crystal Display - More information relative to packaging, simple to use, allows rapid program setting.
  • Machine Diagnosis - Able to diagnose technical problems directly from the display without opening machine.
  • Printing function - Categories, sub-categories, gas mixtures, expiration date
  • Choose to print or not to print
  • Moisture Quick Stop & Hot Food Cycle - Easily allows liquid filled bags and bags with hot food in them to be vacuumed to the proper level.
  • Easy Pulse function - Operator can easily select pre-set stored functions with pre-set parameters.
  • Electronic Soft Air - With several speed levels for the gradual air return into the chamber for products with sharp or rough edges.
  • Pump Conditioning Program - Runs vacuum pump without operating machine to help eliminate any liquid in the oil emulsions or when pump has not been run is some time.
  • External Vacuum option - Create vacuum in container outside machine by connecting to pipe from chamber.
  • Set Vacuum in percent of vacuum or in mbars - Professional chefs will find this very useful.

  Evacuation Filter Kit Available on most of the Minipack MVS series chamber vacuum machines. The evacuation filter is advised for all vacuum packaging of dusty or powdery product. It will trap these dust/powder particles before they can get to the vacuum pump. Even with the filter installed, it's a good idea to change the pump oil more frequently when packing powders.

Excess Shrink Bag Cut-Off Available on most of the Minipack MVS swing lid series double chamber vacuum machines.

External Pump Kit Available on the Minipack MVS swing lid series double chamber vacuum machines.

Bridge Gas Analyzers Gas Analyzers Available for all MVS series chamber vacuum machines when the inert gas flush kit is installed. When you are producing a modified atmoshphere packagine (MAP) product you need a quality way to KNOW the correct gas levels are being achieved. MAP portable gas analyzers are used to measure the modified atmosphere gas levels inside product packages. Oxygen, CO2, or CO/CO2/Oxygen gas levels are measured using a sample needle inserted into the package headspace. Sample is drawn for an operator settable sample time through a sample line, measured and readings are held on the display until the next sample cycle is called by the operator.

HACCP Plan Portal Available for any vacuum machine, this portal web site will let you easily set a site specific HACCP Plan for your restaurant, market or small processing plant. HACCP plans are required by some health departments before you can vacuum pack food items. More details can be found here.

Inert Gas Flush Kit Available on most of the Minipack MVS series chamber vacuum machines. It is used in applications that need all the air (which is about 20% oxygen) removed but can't have the tight package that full vacuum produces. By injecting an inert gas such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide, you can get a package that has all the oxygen removed but is not drawn down tight on your product. This is commonly called a "pillow" pack. The best example I can think of a pillow pack is potato chips. When you try to push a potato chip bag together you will feel the pillow of gas that's inside keeping the chips from being crushed. Some products just last longer when surrounded by gas and not a vacuum. Machines with gas flush have nozzles near the seal bars that you have to place the open end of the pouch over. Each pouch has to go over a nozzle so we tell you how many nozzles are on each seal bar on the option choice.

Light-Lift Swing Lid (Electronic) Available on the larger Minipack MVS swing lid series double chamber vacuum machines. This kit is factory installed to make even the largest swing lid easy for your operator to move from one side to the other. It uses a small amount of the air coming back into the chamber to assist in the lid movement. We highly recommend this option on MVS-275's, MVS-285's and MVS-295's.

NSF 4" Legs Available on the Minipack MVS-41 and MVS-45 models of chamber vacuum machines. These legs raise the heavier table top machines 4" above the counter to allow easy cleaning underneath the machine without moving. The NSF legs are required for the NSF approval of these machines.

Pouch Sample Pack Available with our table-top MVS chamber vacuum machines. If you're not sure what size and/or type of pouches you need, order this sample pack and get 100 each 3 mil 6x8, 8x10, 10x13, zipper HB 8x10 and boilable 8x12 pouches.

Seal Bar Options Most Minipack MVS series chamber vacuum machines come standard with one 4mm wide seal wire and one round cut-off wire that allows you to seal the bag and tear off any excess bag length. This is great for retail packages that need to all look uniform. If, however, you don't need the uniform look I usually recommend replacing the standard 4mm with dual 3.5mm convex seal wires. This gives you two parallel 3.5mm seals with a small gap between for a better seal on your pouch. The convex seal wires also push better into the pouch making for a better seal, especially if you are using heavy mylar/foil pouches. The other advantage is eliminating the round cut-off wire means the seal wires and PTFE tape will last longer equating to less maintenance. We also offer the convex 3.5mm seal wires with a cut-off wire for those hard to seal items that need the excess cut off. A forth option is a 6mm (1/4") seal wire without a cut-off wore for a wider seal.

top and bottom sealing Top and Bottom Sealing Available as special order on most of the Minipack MVS series chamber vacuum machines. This puts sealing elements on both the top and the bottom of the seal bars. Required when sealing very thick pouches (over 5-6 mil thickness) or gussetted pouches (such as coffee pouches) to guarantee the vacuum integrety of the seal through the four layered gussetted bag. You'll have to call us at 559-539-3076 or email Doug to order a top and bottom seal machine. Picture shows top & bottom sealing on MVS Swing Lid machine.

  Air Assist Seal Bar Available on some of the Minipack MVS series chamber vacuum machines. This allows you to add outside air pressure to push seal bars up into sealing position. Helpful when putting large amounts of gas back into bags. Also will help in sealing very thick pouches (over 5-6 mil thickness) or gussetted pouches (such as coffee pouches) to guarantee the vacuum integrety of the seal through the four layered gussetted bag.

  Manual Soft Air A valve added to the outside of the MVS machine that lets the speed of the return air back into the chamber be slowed thus bringing the pouch down "softly" on the product. Good for fragile product or product with sharp protrusions.

Liquid tray for MVS machine. MVS-31 tray shown. Tray for Liquids Available on many of the Minipack MVS series chamber vacuum machines. Minimize spills and make sealing easy! This liquid tray slopes the pouch downward when sealing liquids or foods with liquids so that gravity keeps the liquids in the pouch, not in the chamber! Take out the white filler boards and replace with the stainless steel liquid tray. Machines with two seal bars will slope to the center of the chamber from each bar.

vacuum bag loaders Vacuum Bag Loaders Our stainless steel bag loaders are designed to speed up the loading of vacuum pouches. Simply place your product on the fingers of the loader and pull the vacuum bag over product and fingers. Slide the filled bag off the loading fingers and you're ready to vacuum pack. Loaders are available in three sizes and can be configured to your product.

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