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MVS Series Vacuum Machines by Minipack-America

Why should you purchase a MVS machine? Page 3

We know that there is a large difference in the vacuum chamber machines that are available for you to purchase. We've put together the differences that we've seen between the MVS series from Minipack-America and other competitive brands. You can either scroll down this page and follow the next link or jump directly to an item you're interested in listed below.
Volume Plates Tub Construction Lid Construction Lid Gasket
Lid Striker Lid Latch Lid Hinge Lid Mechanics
Seal Bar Configuration Seal Bar & Bladder Assembly Soft Air Control Board
Frame Construction Vacuum Pump Electrical Components Electrical Housing
Transformers Gas Kit Assembly Warranty Service

MVS series vacuum machines from minipack-america. Pictured is the MVS-50. Compare the MVS series to other makes of vacuum chamber machines.

Soft Air
  • Standard on every machine except MVS-31
  • Adjustable for smooth air return - accommodates various products
  • Simple manual adjustment
  • Reliable stainless steel valve
  • Optional with added cost
  • Difficult installation
  • Unknown valve construction
MVS soft air feature can keep a sharp object from puncturing a vacuum pouch

Control Board
  • Digital Controls
  • Easy calibration adjustment and OIL alert
  • Motorola circuit for accurate vacuum measurement
  • Water tight weatherproof seal
  • Affordable and easy to replace
  • Analog controls
  • Difficult to understand and replace
  • Exposed electrical components
  • Expensive
MVS control board is digital with nine programs that are easy to program, easy to use.

Frame Construction
  • Complete stainless steel frame construction
  • Rust resistant
  • Solid construction
  • Sturdy craftsmanship - looks like a quality machine should!
  • Aluminum frame construction
  • Not rust resistant
  • Sanitation and safety hazard
  • Rusting frame - not what you want around food!
MVS frame is well build using quality stainless steel throughout.

Vacuum Pump
  • BUSCH pumps (DVP in MVS-31)
  • European BUSCH pumps manufactured in Germany
  • Reliable and trusted vacuum technology
  • Quiet and smooth
  • The right size pump for each size chamber
  • Imitation pumps
  • Unrelizble
  • Loud
  • Limited pump sizes
MVS machines come with a genuine BUSCH vacuum pump.  The genuine BUSCH pump label as found on MVS machines.

Electrical Components
  • Telemecanique brand contactors
  • Trusted and reliable components
  • Readily available for immediate service & replacement
  • Affordable
  • Unknown electrical components
  • May be unreliable
  • Difficult to find and replace
  • Expensive
MVS electrical components feature off-the-self Telemecanique contactors


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