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Parts for Minipack America Shrink Wrap Machines

Shrink Wrap Machines   Manuals & Instructions

We have included here the normal items needed to keep your Minipack-America (made by Minipack-Torre in Italy) shrink wrap machine running in first class shape. These items include the parts to repair the seal blades, the foam gaskets and the PTFE non-stick tapes. Parts other than listed here can be ordered. Please call us at 559-539-3076 or email us to order other parts. We've also included a section on common operation, service and adjustments needed on these chamber machines. We've just started putting this page together...more to come soon!!

Cut and Seal Parts
FE385654 Seal Blade (can be cut to length for various machines)
Quantity 1 Blade
41.50 Qty Each
RP85, FM77 FE385603 Seal Blade
Quantity 1 Blade
54.60 Qty Each
Galaxy, Galileo, RP40, FM75, FM76, Synthesis, MOD50
Galaxy both 18-5/8"
FM75/RP40 15-1/2" and 17-1/2"
All others 20-1/2" and 22/1/4"
FM050118 Ceramic Sealing Blade Holder (Cut to Fit, Each machine requires 2) 51.45 ea Qty Each
RP55, Media, Jr2000
S02A0310 Sealing Blade Seat (Each) 132.00 ea Qty Each
RP-85 S03A0310 Sealing Blade Seat 169.30 Qty Each
Galaxy FM220625 Blade Seat Holders 44.60 Qty Each
RP-40 S01A0306 Blade Seat Holders 83.65 Qty Each
RP-55, JR 2000 S02A0306 Blade Seat Holders 114.80 Qty Each
RP-55SA, RP-55C, RP-55A, MEDIA S02A0316 Blade Seat Holders 252.00 Qty Each
RP-85 S03A0319 Blade Seat Holders 292.30 Qty Each
Galaxy, Galileo P0K00350 Blade Center Clamp 53.25 Qty Each
RP (all versions), 760, MEDIA, JR-2000 S0K00306 Blade Center Clamp 97.90 Qty Each
MEDIA, FM760 S0K00302 Seal Clam/Piston Kit Rear 69.40 Qty Each
MEDIA, FM760 S0K00301 Seal Clam/Piston Kit Rear 53.30 Qty Each
ALL KR991000 PTFE non-stick adhesive 10 yard roll 31.50 Qty Roll
Galaxy, Galileo, FM75, FM76, JR2000,
760 SYNTHESIS, RP40, RP55 (all versions)
FM350009 Neoprene Rubber (Pre-Cut) 32.05 Qty Each
RP85 FM350010 Neoprene Rubber (Pre-Cut) 47.80 Qty Each
ALL GM670004 Food Grade Anti-Adhesive Spray
For cleaning seal blades
35.90 Qty Roll
Hood & Shrink Parts
Galaxy KR280018 Lid Kit Above SN 1451 728.50 Qty Each
Galileo KR260017 Lid Kit 926.60 Qty Each
JR-2000 FM080033 Lid Kit 827.10 Qty Each
ALL FM350604 Product Pegs-Hold product up off grid
Minimum order 10 each
1.47 Qty Each
Galaxy FM170009 Torsion Bar
(Above Serial# 1451)
54.50 Qty Each
Galileo, RP-40, RP55 (all versions) JR-2000 FM170002 Torsion Bar 63.55 Qty Each
RP-85 FM170003 Torsion Bar 63.55 Qty Each
Galaxy KR280E11 Heating Elements 110V (2-in-one-kit)
Was FE381153 and FE381154
460.30 Qty Each
Galileo KR260A10 Heating Elements 220V (2-in-one-kit) 514.30 Qty Each
RP-40 KR310D02 Heating Elements 200V (2-in-one-kit) 280.20 Qty Each
RP-55 (all versions) KR320D02 Heating Elements 200V (2-in-one-kit) 301.60 Qty Each
RP-85 KR310D02 Heating Element 200V w/ thermocouple (right) 392.60 Qty Each
RP-85 KR310D04 Heating Element 200V w/ thermocouple (left) 392.60 Qty Each
JR-2000 FE380013 Heating Element Copper 120V 309.00 Qty Each
MEDIA FE380019 Heating Element Round 208V 177.20 Qty Each
MEDIA FE435004 Thermocouple 96.90 Qty Each
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We're going to build a section here that will have parts and operating manuals, service tips and anything else we can come up with to help you maintain your Minipack equipment in first class condition. Any questions that aren't answered here just call us at 559-539-3076 or email Doug.
Parts & Operation Manuals:
JUNIOR 2000 Parts Manual
SYNTHESIS Parts Manual
FM-75 Parts Diagrams
FM-75 Parts Manual
MODULAR 50 Parts Manual
FM-76 Parts Manual
FM-76A Parts Manual
VISION Parts Manual
GALAXY/GALILEO Operation Manual
Galaxy Parts
Galileo Parts
FM-75/FM-76 Operation Manual
Instructions and service bulletins:
Wiring Instructions for FM-77 (3 phase machine)
Electrical Voltage Check Sheet
One-Step Shrink Wrap Quick Start Guide
How to Check Heaters in One Step Shrink Wrapper
How to Adjust Micro Perforators
Where to Locate Micro Perforators
Where to Locate Product in One-Step S/W Machine
Galileo Hood Warping Part 1
Galileo Hood Warping Part 2
How To Replace Seal Blade

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