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Mail Bagging Systems
Vertical and Horizontal Form and Fill Machines

Mail Bag Semi-Automatic Mail Bagging System
Mail Bag bagging machine Minipack America
Maximum Product Size: 10" x 12"
Minimum Product Size: 7" x 10"
Wraps per Minute: Up to 20
Std. Forming Box: .5"
Maximum Film Width: 22"
Maximum Film Thickness: 150 Ga.
Film Types: PE/LDPE
Customizable Programs: 10
Material: Steel/Baked Enamel
Size: 23.75"W x 32.75"D x 41.5"H
Power: 120v/60hz/1 phase, 2.2Amps
Net Weight: 287 Lbs.
Packing width 3.50" x 11"
Thickness: 1/2" standard, see options
Up to 20 wraps per minute
Locking Casters
Digital Control Panel
Package Counter
Shipping Weight 
318 pounds
F.O.B. Orange, California

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DCE Price

The MAIL BAG is an automatic, vertical packaging machine ideal for wrap newspapers, catalogues, bulletins and overall publications. It only uses one film roll of clear or printed polyethylene (max. thickness 30 microns), placed on a motorized roller. The film is driven in a width adjustable forming box that folds it forming an envelope/bag around the product. The bag sealing is obtained through longitudinal and cross sealing arms, then the product is automatically ejected. FEATURES: digital control panel; bag length self-adjustment through photocell; independent hot blade sealing bars with electronic control of cutting temperature; electronic counter; automatic drive of the product to be packed; wide support plate. You must add the photo cell option for dark/printed films. A shrink tunnel may be added if shrink is desired. We have film for Mail Bag Digit.
Mail Bag Machine shown with infeed and outfeed options.
61KB Picture

Shown with optional feeder, optional infeed conveyor and optional exit conveyor.

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