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MAP Headspace Gas Analyzers

                     Bridge Gas Analyzers

                    Bridge Analyzers for measuring gas levels in food packaging


Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is a technique used for prolonging the shelf life of fresh or minimally processed foods. In this preservation technique the air surrounding the food in the package is changed to another composition, often by first vacuuming the air out and then injecting a gas. This way the initial fresh state of the product may be prolonged. It is the shelf life of perishable products like meat, fish, fruits and vegetables that will be prolonged with MAP since it slows the natural deterioration of the product. MAP is used with various types of products, where the mixture of gases in the package depends on the type of product, packaging materials and storage temperature.

MAP use has grown exponentially since the 1970's because it:

  • increases sales by satisfying growing demands from consumers for naturally preserved food quality resorting to without additives and preservatives
  • increases shelf life quality in the distribution chain by days or even weeks, which increases the availability of fresh food to consumers
  • reduces the return of spoiled foodstuffs
  • enhances production efficiency and distribution by cutting costs
  • increases sales volumes by enabling new products to be offered on new markets
When you are producing a MAP product you need a quality way to KNOW the correct gas levels are being achieved. MAP portable gas analyzers are used to measure the modified atmosphere gas levels inside product packages. Oxygen, CO2, or CO/CO2/Oxygen gas levels are measured using a sample needle inserted into the package headspace. Sample is drawn for an operator settable sample time through a sample line, measured and readings are held on the display until the next sample cycle is called by the operator. Bridge analyzers may be operated off line power, or by an internal battery pack that provides up to 6-8 hours standalone operation (16 hour battery power is available as an option.)

The following models include a soft case, sample needle, sample line, 2 each 25mm filters, internal battery pack, wall charger and manual. The model number link will take you to the individual unit specifications.

900041 90041 oxygen gas analyzer  Oxygen Gas Analyzer 8 Lbs. $2,200.00
900141 90041 oxygen gas analyzer  Oxygen/CO2 MAP Gas Analyzer 8 Lbs. $3,600.00
900151 900151 Oxygen/CO2 shipping container CAT gas analyzer 
Oxygen/CO2 Shipping Container CAT Gas Analyzer
8 Lbs. $3,900.00
CO, CO2, Oxygen Lo-Ox and/or Hi-Ox Case Ready Meat MAP Analyzer. Comes with 16 hour battery.
8 Lbs. $6,450.00

* Must choose one
001246 MAP Headspace Gas Analyzer Gas Test Stand
Gas Analyzer Test Stand
Works with all analyzers above
16 Hour Extended Battery Option
Doubles Battery Life from 8 Hours to 16 Hours $400.00

PARTS MINIMUM ORDER: $50.00 (Not including shipping)
Parts shipping without analyzers may have a $25 drop-ship fee on top of shipping
Description Price ORDER ONLINE
108126 25 mm Filter, Analyzer (six pieces) $75.00 Qty 
000617 Sample Needle, 20 ga., Cross Drilled $30.00 Qty 
000888 Sample Needle Cleaning Tool $70.00 Qty 
001015 Septum, 12mm x 3.5mm, Black, 1000 pieces $85.00 Qty 
001016 Septum, 15mm x 3mm, Grey, 1000 pieces $125.00 Qty 
001140G       O2 Sensor For CO2 below 20%

O2 Sensor For CO2 below 20% (Green Band, HI-OX sensor). Sensor has a 12 month shelf life.

$190.00 Qty 
001057       CO2 resistant O2 sensor for CO2 above 20%

CO2 resistant O2 sensor for CO2 above 20% (Red Band, LO-OX sensor). Sensor has a 12 month shelf life.

$285.00 Qty 
001386 18 Inch Coiled Sample Line, Luer Lock Fittings $45.00 Qty 
001527 15V 1A 90D Wall Power Supply $100.00 Qty 
001172 Soft Case Assembly for all 9000/1 NEMA-4 Series $135.00 Qty 
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