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Shrink Wrap Terms and Options

Automatic Shrink Wrap System A shrink wrap system that takes the product in by conveyor and discharges a fully wrapped package. Usually tied together with a shrink tunnel. Requires little operator assistance.
Centerfold Film Film that is designed for use with L-Bar sealers. The film comes off the roll folded at the back. So 12" film when unfolded is 24" across. Food grade film is normally made from Polyolefin.
Center Sealing Film Film that is designed for use with the mail bagging systems. Unlike the centerfold film, this film is not folded. The sealing system wraps the product and creates a seal down the middle of the package.
Film Opener Extends the height of the top piece of film as it comes off the roll. Makes packaging taller items easier. Comes with most industrial shrink wrap machines.
I-Bar An "I" shaped seal/cut element that cuts and seals centerfold film or bags. You must do two seals on film to create the package with an I-bar.
Impulse Sealer A sealer that can be adapted to cut-N-seal shrink film and bags. Available in hand, foot and automatic models.
L-Bar The "L" shaped seal/cut element that cuts and seals centerfold film.
L-Sealers A L-Bar sealer ONLY. Requires a shrink tunnel to shrink the film. Available in manual, semi-automatic and automatic versions.
Mail Bagging Systems A semi-automatic or fully automatic center sealing wrapper ideal for magazines, papers, CD's, etc.
Manual Shrink Wrap Systems Usually a smaller manual L-Bar or I-bar sealer that requires a heat gun to shrink the film or shrink bags.
One Step Wrapping
A L-Bar sealer with a self-contained, see-through heat chamber for shrinking the film around your product. Available in manual and semi-automatic models.
Polyolefin Shrink Film & Bags Film that is food grade. When balled up in your hand, Polyolefin is soft like Saran wrap.
PVC Shrink Film & Bags Film that is usually not food grade. When balled up in your hand, PVC is "crinkly" like cellophane.
Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrap System A shrink wrap system that requires the operator to load the package and start the sealing process. It then finishes the sealing and shrinking and then discharges a fully wrapped package. May be found on one-step systems and l-bar and tunnel systems.
Shrink Bags Shrink material, either PVC or Polyolefin, that is made in bag form with just one end open. You seal-N-cut the end off the bag with either a hand impulse sealer, an I-bar or the Basic one-step machine. The Basic then shrinks the bag around the product or, if you're using one of the other sealers, you shrink the bag with a heat gun.
Shrink Wrap System with Tunnel A L-Bar sealer with either a built in shrink tunnel or a tunnel attached to the end of the wrapper.
Shrink Tunnel A tunnel with a conveyor running through it for automatically shrinking the film around a package. Speed and temperature is adjustable for proper shrink.
Watts When the wattage is given on a shrink wrap system it refers to the output of the shrink system. The higher the wattage, the faster the shrink!

Not all options available on all machines!
Auto Waste Winder An automatic roller that winds up the strip of excess film that is left after the shrink process. Without this option, the excess film normally ends up on the floor or a trash can. It also eliminates the operator having to pull on the film to get a good seal.
Closing Conveyor (or Kissing Belt) A device that allows the transfer of small products between the two belts.
Continuous Side Sealing This option converts a Pratika 56 MPE into a fully auto L-Sealer for long objects.
Second Film Roll Support Film roll holder that replaces original one roll holder. This holder will take two half size rolls of film. Normally used when 2 different sizes of film are needed.
Entry Belt Scrap/Collect Keeps debris from entering fully auto L-Sealers.
Entry Film Opener A piece that helps open the film up. Especially useful with taller items.
Exit Conveyor or Outfeed Conveyor Removes your products from the automatic shrink systems or mail baggers.
Feeder (CD's, Single Sheet, Magazines) An automatic feeder that works with some of our systems to feed items such as CD's onto the entry conveyor.
Feeder Stand A stand to place the auto feeders at the correct hight to feed on to an infeed conveyor.
Film Waste Ring A ring that attaches on leg of shrink wrap machine that will hold a plastic trash bag. The waste edge of the film can be directed right into the trash bag. A very hand option if you don't have the waste take up winder.
Foot Pedal Operation Sets up machine for foot operation in auto mode. When you step on the food pedal, the cycle starts by dropping the L-bar arm to begin the cycle.
Forming Box A device that sets up some of our machines to package the correct size of product.
In Out Guide For feeding irregular shapes into fully auto L-Sealers. Used in conjunction with a photo cell.
Infeed Conveyor Available only on the fully automatic systems, this brings your products to the built-in conveyor on the automatic shrink systems or mail baggers. This is an extra conveyor in addition to the built in conveyor in the machines.
Installation & Training A fee to have someone come to your place of business and make sure the machine is set-up properly and train the operator in the proper use of the machine. May not be available in all locations.
Photo Cell For feeding irregular shapes into fully auto L-Sealers. Used in conjunction with a In Out Guide.
Product Guide A piece that helps guide your product into the correct location.
Printed Film Kit Available only on the fully automatic systems, this kit allows registration of printed film. Logos and other printed information will appear in the same location on every package.
Shaft & Core Plug Kit use more than one size

An extra roller assembly that goes inside the film roll that allows quick and easy changing of film sizes. If you use two sizes of film purchase one extra kit and leave one in each roll of film.

Single Hole Punch Punches a hole in the top layer of film to allow the air to escape easier during shrinking. This hole is then covered by a label in most applications.
Stainless Construction Machines that have this option available are made of easy-to-clean stainless steel. This is an important option for food plants that have a lot of exposure to moisture.
Stainless Entry Plate This tray replaces the painted plate that comes standard on some Shrink Wrap Machines. Useful when packing food items.
Static Seal An electro-static sealing device that goes on the PLEXI's when used as a high speed shrink wrapper instead of a mail bagger.
Tall Hood Increases the height of the One-Step shrink hood to handle larger products.
PTFE Non Stick Belt A PTFE non stick coated conveyor belt that replaces the standard roller conveyor on a shrink tunnel.
Waste Take-Up An electro/mechanical film waste take-up winder that winds up the strip of excess film left after the shrink process. Available on most shrink wrap systems. Increases operator efficiency by eliminating the need for the operator to pull the waste film off.
Vacuum Waste Take-Up A vacuum system takes up the strip of excess film that is left after the shrink process.

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