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Carton Sealers - Bag Tapers

FXJ-6050 carton sealer or bag taper
Carton Sealing Machines, also called box tapers and case tapers, are used in many industries to increase production while cutting cost. All of our carton sealers come standard with in-feed table, out-feed table and casters at no additional charge. All of our carton sealers can tape the top and bottom of the cases. The FXK-6050 is normally stocked, the others may be special order.
  • Saves time and money in labor.
  • Creates a more uniform, aesthetically pleasing seal.
  • Reduces waste and forecast tape expense.
  • Top and bottom taping.
  • Applies the same amount of tape to each box (of the same size).
Uniform Semi-Automatic Carton Sealing Machines work great when each box in the production run is the same size. When you have a box size change, they can be manually adjusted for height and width quickly and easily.
We have three sizes of uniform carton sealers. They come standard with 60mm (2") tape heads, 3" available as special order. Constructed of heavy duty powder coat steel, stainless steel is available as special order.
FXJ Models Semi-Automatic Uniform Carton Sealers, Bag Tapers
FXJ-6050 Carton Sealer
FXJ-6050 For Taller Cartons
FXJ-5050A Carton Sealer for narrower cartons - Special Order Only
FXJ-5050A For Narrower Cartons

Special Order Only
FXJ-5050B Carton Sealer for heavier cartons
FXJ-5050B For Heavier Cartons

Special Order Only
The FXJ-6050 drives from the top and bottom of the carton. The FXJ-5050A drives from the sides of the carton. And the FXJ-5050B drives from both the top and bottom AND the sides which makes it suitable for heavier cartons.

FXJ-6050 / FXJ-5050A / FXJ-5050B
Semi-Automatic Case Tapers
Model Machine Size
L x W x H
Power Minimum Box Size
W x H
Maximum Box Size
W x H
Ships From Ship Wt. DCE Price Ordering
FXJ-6050 69.1” x 31.5” x 37.8-63.2” 110V 60H 6.3” x 5.9” 19.7” x 23.6” Northridge, CA 385 Lbs. $1,695.00
Special Order
68.1” x 37.4” x 37.8-61.0” 110V 60H 5.1” x 3.9” 19.7” x 19.7” Northridge, CA 427 Lbs. $1,765.00
Special Order
68.1” x 37.4” x 37.8-61.0” 110V 60H 5.1” x 3.9” 19.7” x 19.7” Northridge, CA 436 Lbs. $1,980.00

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