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Parts For CBS-880 Model Continuous Band Sealers

This Page Parts for CBS-880 Band Sealers:
Type Sets for CBS-880

Band Sealer Manuals, Instructions & How To Videos


CBS-880 low cost horizontal band sealer


We've changed the way parts are listed to make it easier for you to find what you need. This page has the most common parts for the CBS-880 horizontal and CBS-880 vertical band sealers. We've added pictures of many of the parts to make it easier for you to find what you need. Not sure of what you need? Look at the CBS-880 Band Sealer Parts Diagram to find out.

Click on thumbnail picture below to see larger image.

Our shopping cart makes it easy to order CBS-880 replacement parts. Enter the quantity of each part you want to order then click the "Add to Cart" buttons at the bottom of the section. You can click on the "Reset Quantity" button to erase the order quantities and start over.

Most of the smaller items that are frequently purchased in multiple units, will automatically figure the following NEW quantity discounts beginning at just 3 of each:
1-2 = no discount
3-5 = 10% discount
6-10 = 15% discount
11-20 = 20% discount
21+ = 25% discount
CBS-880V vertical band sealer
 CBS-880 Band Sealer Sealer Parts               CBS-880 Band Sealer Parts Diagram            Quantity Discounts Available on parts $30 or under.              Purchase New CBS-880
CBS-880-10 PTFE sealing band   PTFE Sealing Band Quantity Discount Available CBS-880-10 $6.50 Qty: 
CBS-880-26 Driving wheel belt  Driving wheel belt Quantity Discount Available CBS-880-26 $6.50 Qty: 
 Temperature Controller Two Generations Available - See Pictures TMC-XMTE-1000-2 Gen. 1
TMC-MTE-1000-2-O Gen. 2
120.00 Qty 
R-JQX-13F Relay for most band sealers   Relay R-JQX-13F $30.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-1 Conveyor belt, blue   Conveyor Belt, Blue 62.2" x 5.25" CBS-880-1 $70.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-2A Yellow Rubber wheel for CBS & FR band sealers   Silicone Rubber Wheel, Yellow Quantity Discount Available CBS-880-2 $20.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-2-31 shaft for silicone wheel   Silicon wheel shaft Quantity Discount Available CBS-880-2-31 $13.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-2-33 Silicone wheel cover   Silicon wheel cover Quantity Discount Available CBS-880-2-33 $9.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-3A Embossing wheel for CBS-880, FR-770, HL-M810   Embossing Wheel Including Bearing Quantity Discount Available CBS-880-3A $30.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-4 Embossing Wheel Holder/Seat  Embossing wheel holder/seat Quantity Discount Available CBS-880-4 $24.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-6 Driving wheel big, 10mm core dia.   Driving Wheel Big- Core Dia. 10mm Quantity Discount Available CBS-880-6 $20.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-6A driving wheel/guide wheel small   Driving Wheel/Guide Wheel Small Quantity Discount Available CBS-880-6A $12.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-6-25 Driving wheel shaft   Driving Wheel Shaft Quantity Discount Available CBS-880-6-25 $24.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-6-26 Bearing 6201-Z   Bearing 6201-Z Quantity Discount Available CBS-880-6-26 $12.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-6-27A Bearing Seat   Bearing Seat Quantity Discount Available CBS-880-6-27A $12.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-9A Heating Blocks, sold as pair   Heating Block for CBS-880 Sold as Pair CBS-880-9A $90.00 Qty: 
BS-9B Heating Tube, heating element sold in pairs   Heating Tube, Heating Element for CBS-880 Sold as Pair BS-9B $40.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-12 Driven Wheel   Driven Wheel Quantity Discount Available CBS-880-12 $20.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-13 Adjustment Block Assy.  Adjustment Block Assembly Quantity Discount Available CBS-880-13 $20.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-21 Pressing wheel with bearing  Sealing/Pressing Wheel with bearing Quantity Discount Available CBS-880-21 $20.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-21LOWCOMP Lower pressing wheel assembly  Lower Pressing Wheel Complete - Includes Pressing wheel and shaft Quantity Discount Available CBS-880-21LOWCOMP $30.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-21UPCOMP upper pressing wheel assembly  Upper Pressing Wheel Complete - Includes Pressing wheel, slide seat and shaft Quantity Discount Available CBS-880-21UPCOMP $30.00 Qty: 
BS-22A Emergency stop switch  Emergency Stop Switch  Choose Orange or Green   Quantity Discount Available BS-22A $16.00 Qty: 
BS-22-LARGE Large Switch for band sealer 3/4 inch wide  Switch, Large 3/4" width Quantity Discount Available BS-22-LARGE $6.50 Qty: 
BS-22-SMALL 1/4 inch wide switch for band sealers  Switch, Small 1/4" width Quantity Discount Available BS-22-SMALL $6.50 Qty: 
BS-25 Potentiometer for CBS-880 and FR-770  Potentiometer Quantity Discount Available BS-25 $11.00 Qty: 
Knob for BS-25A Speed Regulator/potentiometer  Knob for Potentiometer Quantity Discount Available BS-25A $5.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-29 Motor for CBS-880  Motor for CBS-880 CBS-880-29 $125.00 Qty: 
BS-29A Carbon motor brush   Carbon Motor Brush for CBS-880 Quantity Discount Available BS-29A $6.50 Qty: 
CBS-880-30 Generation 1.0 Turbo Case  Turbo Case/Worm Gear Older Models Generation 1.0 CBS-880-30GEN1.0 $160.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-30-gen2.0 Turbo case new generation  Turbo Case/Worm Gear Newer Models Generation 2.0 CBS-880-30GEN2.0 $160.00 Qty: 
BS-31B Speed PC Board (inside PCB assy.)  Speed PC Board (Inside PCB Assy.) 3" x 2-1/2" BS-31B $40.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-32 Fan motor for CBS-880  Fan Motor CBS-880-32 $95.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-34 Thermocouple  Thermocouple 12-1/4" CBS-880-34 $20.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-37-19.22 Two Eye Bearing Seat with Bearing  Two Eye Bearing Holder with Bearing Found on front drive roller CBS-880-37-19.22 $16.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-40 Conveyor middle shaft with gear/bearings  Conveyor middle shaft with gear CBS-880-41 $50.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-44 Sealing width adusting feed guide  Sealing width adjusting feed guide CBS-880-44 $16.00 Qty: 
BS-50A Speed adjustment board for CBS-880  Speed Adjustment Board BS-52A $40.00 Qty: 
Printing Parts and Type Sets for CBS-880 Embossing
Font Note: The one line embossing type comes with these band sealers. The size of the individual type dies is 3x5x9mm. The two line embossing type is a little smaller, 3x4x9mm, and requires the CBS-800-3D print embossing wheel. Also, please note the difference between Concave and Convex die styles.
One line type set for CBS-880 and FR-770 Bamd Sealers  A-Z Letters (26 pc. set) 1 Line Embossing Type Set TS-AZ-1LINE-CBS $52.00 Qty: 
One line type set for CBS-880 and FR-770 Bamd Sealers  0-9 Numbers (10 pc. set) 1 Line Embossing Type Set TS-09-1LINE-CBS $30.00 Qty: 
One line type set for CBS-880 and FR-770 Bamd Sealers  Individual Number, Letter, Symbol Type Dies 1 Line Embossing Symbols include . / - # : and Blank TS-NLS-1LINE-CBS $3.00 Qty Type Dies

Two line type set for CBS-880 and FR-770 Bamd Sealers  A-Z Letters (26 pc. set) 2 Line Embossing Type Set TS-AZ-2LINE-CBS $52.00 Qty: 
Two line type set for CBS-880 and FR-770 Bamd Sealers  0-9 Numbers(10 pc. set) 2 Line Embossing Type Set TS-09-2LINE-CBS $30.00 Qty: 
Two line type set for CBS-880 and FR-770 Bamd Sealers  Individual Number, Letter, Symbol Type Dies 2 Line Embossing Symbols include . / - # : and Blank TS-NLS-2LINE-CBS $3.00 Qty Type Dies

CBS-880-3 One line printing/embossing wheel   One Line Printing Wheel With Cavities (Standard wheel that comes with CBS-880 Quantity Discount Available CBS-880-3 $30.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-3D Two line printing wheel with cavities for printing   Two Line Printing Wheel With Cavities Quantity Discount Available CBS-880-3D $30.00 Qty: 
CBS-880-3A-SS serrated line seal wheel   Serrated Line Wheel - No Printing Quantity Discount Available CBS-880-3A-SS $30.00 Qty: 
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