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Parts for the AIE Band Sealers we sell

New Parts Pages For:
CBS-880    FR-770    HL-M810    FRM-1010    FRM-1120C    FRS-1120W    FRM-1120LD   

   AIE-881/882BSR Parts   AIE-B6201/B6202 Parts   AIE-B7202 Parts

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We have included here the normal items needed to keep your AIE Band Sealer running in first class condition. Please note the model band sealer the parts go to. You may find the pictures listed on the top line to be helpful in identifying your parts. Parts other than listed here can be ordered. Please call us at 559-539-3076 or email us to order other parts.

AIE-881/882BSR Band Sealer Parts
AIE-881/882BSR AIE-BELT-BS Rubber Belt for AIE-881/882BSR Band Sealers 42.00 Qty 
AIE-881/882BSR AIE-TF-IPS PTFE Band for AIE-881/882BSR Band Sealers 25.20 Qty 
AIE-881/882BSR AIE-HPIPE880-L Lower Heater Pipe for AIE-881/882BSR Band Sealers 175.00 Qty 
AIE-881/882BSR AIE-HPIPE880-U Upper Heater Pipe for AIE-881/882BSR Band Sealers 175.00 Qty 
AIE-881/882BSR AIE-MOTOR-BS Motor for AIE-881/882BSR Band Sealers 350.00 Qty 
AIE-881/882BSR AIE-FAN-BS Fan for AIE-881/882BSR Band Sealers 75.00 Qty 
AIE-881/882BSR AIE-.IL-70ADB Temperature Controller for AIE-881/882BSR Band Sealers 195.00 Qty 
AIE-881/882BSR AIE-SHAFT-04 Drive Shaft for AIE-881/882BSR Band Sealers 108.00 Qty 
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AIE-B6201/B6202 Band Sealer Parts
AIE-B6201/B6202 AIE-RB-5M425 Rubber Belt for AIE-B6201/B6202 Band Sealers 42.00 Qty 
AIE-B6201/B6202 AIE-ST-BAND Steel Band for AIE-B6201/B6202 Band Sealers 46.90 Qty 
AIE-B6201/B6202 AIE-TF-BAND PTFE Band for AIE-B6201/B6202 Band Sealers 30.00 Qty 
AIE-B6201 AIE-SHAFT-01 Drive Shaft, #164 for AIE-B6201 Horizontal Band Sealers 75.00 Qty 
AIE-B6202 AIE-SHAFT-01 Drive Shaft, #164 for AIE-B6202 Vertical Band Sealers 290.00 Qty 
AIE-B6201/B6202 AIE-HPIPE-B6 Heater Pipe for AIE-B6201/B6202 Band Sealers 118.00 Qty 
AIE-B6201/B6202 AIE-HB6201-L Heater Block, Lower for AIE-B6201/B6202 Band Sealers 150.00 Qty 
AIE-B6201/B6202 AIE-HB6201-U Heater Block, Upper for AIE-B6201/B6202 Band Sealers 150.00 Qty 
AIE-B6201/B6202 AIE-AT48APRK Temperature Controller for AIE-B6201/B6202 Band Sealers 398.00 Qty 
AIE-B6201/B6202 AIE-GEARBX-B6 Gear Box for AIE-B6201/B6202 Band Sealers 425.00 Qty 
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AIE-B7202 Band Sealer Parts
AIE-B7202 AIE-RB-B7202 Rubber Belt for AIE-B7202 Band Sealers 63.00 Qty 
AIE-B7202 AIE-ST-B7202 Steel Band for AIE-B7202 Band Sealers 58.00 Qty 
AIE-B7202 AIE-HPIPE-B7 Heater Pipe for AIE-B7202 Band Sealers 170.00 Qty 
AIE-B7202 AIE-HB7202-L Heater Block, Lower for AIE-B7202 Band Sealers 180.00 Qty 
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We're going to build a section here that will have parts and operating manuals, service tips and anything else we can come up with to help you maintain your band sealer in first class condition. Any questions that aren't answered here just call us at 559-539-3076 or email Doug.
Parts Manuals:
CBS880 & FR770 Parts Diagram
HL-M810 parts diagram with pictures
Pictures to help indentify parts
FRM-1010 Band Sealer Operating Manual
Instructions and service bulletins:
CBS, FR, HL-M Band Sealer FAQ's
CBS Series Operation Manual

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