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SINBO Vacuum Sealer

Sinbo vacuum sealer in action
SINBO Vacuum Sealer works with most standard, flat vacuum pouches.

  1. Turn the power switch off and open top cover by lifting gently. You may have to puch down on one or both of the cornter spots marked with a down arrow & "lock" to release the cover.
  2. Adjust seal time for bag being sealed. You can start at #3 or #4. After sealing a few packages you may have to come down a number or two because it will take less time top seal.
  3. Extend the snorkel (pump-nozzle) by pulling the snorkel slide lever (located on the top, just to the left of the seal and vacuum indicator lights) forward until it locks in place.
  4. Slide the opening of the filled bag over the snorkel making sure the snorkel is in the bag and the bag opening is flat across the sealing area.
  5. Close the cover by pushing down on both "lock" spots until you hear it click in place.
  6. Turn on the power switch.
  7. Tips for getting a good vacuum: make sure product is placed evenly throughout the bag and is somewhat close to the snorkel. This will keep the snorkel from being blocked by a loose bag. While vacuuming you may need to pull up on the bag slightly to unblock the snorkel. The sound will change when it's blocked, with a little practice you will soon be getting tight packages! Pulling on both sides of the bag right past where it's clamped in the machine can also help keep the bag out of the snorkel.
  8. After the package reaches the correct tightness push down with both hands on the seal bar (the raised bar between the two "down lock" spots). This will release the snorkel & turn off the vacuum pump. Keep an even downward pressure on the seal bar with both hands (your thumbs work good for this!) until the seal light flashes and you hear an audible tone. Important: make sure the snorkel has retracted ALL the way before you place the even downward pressure on the bar! You will not get a tight seal if the snorkel is still partially in the bag!
  9. Push down on both "down lock" spots until the cover releases and you can remove the sealed bag.
  10. To vacuum another bag turn off the Sinbo then go back to step #3.
If you want to just seal a bag without using the vacuum, just place bag under cover WITHOUT extending snorkel, turn machine on and push down the seal bar as in step #8 above. This will give you a good seal without removing any of the air.

Note: When the SINBO vacuum sealer gets too hot you will hear a warning sound and the seal will become irregular. The machine should be turned off and allowed to cool. After cooling it will work normally again. This protects the machine from over heating.

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