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Home Food Processing

Thanks for stopping by Doug Care Equipment! Our section on Home Food Processing is set up for the person who needs to either process (cut, grind, dice, tenderize, etc.) food items or package them at home or in a small business environment. We have vacuum sealing, impulse sealers and vacuum pouches for long term food storage/disaster preparedness. Equipment for the home processor include meat grinders, slicers, tenderizers, stuffers, saws, etc. The links below can help you navigate around this section of our site.

Vacuum Bags   Sealing Equipment   SINBO Operating Instructions   Small Equipment for Hunters, Etc.


When I first put this page online, I mentioned Y2K as a possible disaster to prepare for. Well, it came and went with hardly a bump. In fact, we can hardly remember all the hype that was put out about it but. . . .
What we do know is that all parts of this world experience natural disasters from time to time. Living in Southern California and experiencing earthquakes has taught me we should all be prepared to feed our families (and maybe our friends and neighbors, too) if our regular food distribution networks are not working. Being prepared for some folks will mean storing a couple of weeks extra food and water; others are storing a year or more supplies. Which is right for you? There isn't a right or wrong answer, you need to prepare in a manner that is good for you. You might take a look at what the Red Cross has to say on the subject.

If you make the decision to build up your long term food storage for any reason we would like to be of help. We have been serving the commercial food industry here in California for nearly 30 years and have used our commercial storage experiences to develop some product lines that will assist you in your storage needs.

Food storage supplies available through Doug Care Equipment:

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