Food processing equipment including vacuum tumblers, saws, meat grinders, meat tenderizers and lots more!

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Equipment for Home Food Processing

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  Tor-Rey FS-12 meat grinder. Ideal for home use.     MEAT GRINDERS
Manual and electric models available
Biro Vacuum Tumblers Small vacuum tumblers from Daniels Equipment Ramm Master F-8 and F-15 vacuum tumbler for home use     SMALL VACUUM TUMBLERS
8 to 50 Lb. Vacuum Tumblers
Mr. Tenderizer is a mechanical tenderizer that clamps on a table and is hand operated. Biro Pro-9 tenderizer-commercial quality stainless steel tenderizers     MEAT TENDERIZERS
Manual and Automatic Tenderizers
Tor-Rey RB-250 meat slicer. Ideal for home use.     FOOD SLICERS
For meat and cheese
Tor-Rey ST-200 table-top meat saw. Small enough for the home user.     MEAT SAW
TORREY ST-200 Table-Top Meat Saw

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