Food processing equipment, vacuum packaging, shrink wrap, impulse sealers, vacuum tumblers, saws, meat grinders, tenderizers, vacuum pouches, shrink film, shrink bags, labels and lots more!

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Doug Care Equipment is celebrating 20 years in business in 2017


Time sure flies when you're having fun and we've had a lot of fun over the last 20 years. We would like to thank all our loyal customers that have made these 20 years enjoyable. For more information about us here at Doug Care Equipment, take a look at our "About Us" page.

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Looking for packaging or food processing equipment? You can find food processing equipment, vacuum packaging and vacuum sealers, shrink wrap machines and other types of bag sealing machines used by both industry and home packers & processors here. We now have a category featuring tools for the innovative chef.

Our packaging equipment lines work well with CDs, DVDs, videos, candy, gift baskets, soap, parts, printed material, etc. Virtually anything that can be vacuum packed or shrink wrapped! Equipment you can find on this site include packaging machines made for vacuum packing, shrink wrapping, bag sealing and twist-tie machines. Processing equipment includes saws, grinders, mixers, vacuum tumblers, tenderizers, stuffers, etc. Supply items include vacuum pouches, center fold shrink film, shrink bags, twist tie ribbon, scale labels.

You can also find smaller machines designed for the home processor, hunter or small business. Smaller vacuum machines, impulse sealers, meat grinders, tenderizers, slicers and saws are ideal for the home user. You also can find marinades that are available for the home processor.

Vacuum tumbler, vacuum packaging, sealer, saws, grinder, impulse sealer, stuffer, shrink wrap, vacuum pouch.

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Column Air Packaging Material Column Air Packaging Protect bottles, ink toners, etc. while shipping.
Semi-automatic Carton sealers, case sealers, box tapers apply tape to uniform sized boxes
Carton Sealers
- Automatically apply tape to boxes, several sizes available.


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Vacuum cheese in shrink vacuum pouches Vacuum pack cheese in shrink vacuum pouches. We'll show you how!


  TTS-8 Table Top Tube SealerTable Top Tube Sealers Seal tubes for labs, medical, R&D, beauty supplies, small production runs, etc.


Auto Sealers Table top powered impulse sealers.



Meat Processing Equipment:
Vacuum Tumblers and Mixers.

Shrink wrap kits from $61...shrink wrap CDs, videos, DVDs, books and more 

Shrink Wrap Systems - Professionally shrink wrap CD's, DVD's, video's, candles, soap, books, etc. Small systems start at a very low $61!


We have many models of foot operated impulse sealers including tilt head, cut and seal, upper jaw heat and pneumatic operated.Impulse Sealers of all types and sizes. Hand sealers. Auto sealers. Band Sealers. We have many models of foot operated impulse sealers including tilt head, cut and seal, upper jaw heat and pneumatic operated.

Twist Tie Machines tightly twist a plastic coated wire around the opening of most plastic bags. Makes a great re-sealable package.

Shrink Wrap Systems. Available in small, manual systems, one-step semi-automatic systems clear up to fully automatic systems. Shrink wrap is the packaging of choice for many items such as CD's, candles, soap, candy, boxes, multi-packs, etc.

Tach-It BL3 semi-automatic hand-held label applicatorLabel Applicators & Dispensers. Many types available: hand held, table mounted, bottle applicators, etc. Dispense, feed and apply most any die cut label.



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