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Digital Scales- Shipping, Receiving, Counting

Counting Scales
Shipping scales
bench scalle
We have added several models of digital scales to our product line:
Counting Scales, as the name implies, are designed to let you easily count small items by wieght. Great for packaging, inventory and shipping applications. They also will provide normal weighing functions with three different capacioty scales available : DW-94A 30KG x 1G, DW-94B 15KG x 0.5G and DW-94C 3KG x 0.1G. Scale has 3 separate displays: total weight, unit weight and unit count. Stainless steel platter is 11" x 7.5". Programmable alarm for certain weight or quantity. Power: rechargable battery with power cord. Scale weighs 7 lbs.

Shipping Scale The HD-300 is a 300 pound by 0.1 lb. (120KG x 0.05KG) heavy duty scale designed for shipping, weight checking and light industrial uses. A built in RS-232 computer port accompanied with a 6ft RS-232 cable allows you to use the HD-300 scale as a stand-alone unit or with the UPS WorldShip® software (not included). Weight display is a digital remote with a 6ft cable allowing for easy reading especially for large packages. The tare button on the weight display can be pressed to “zero out” the weight on the scale especially if you are adding more weight or getting separate weights of multiple items. Power: AC adapter (included), 4 AA batteries (not included), 14" x 14" x 2.5" platform, 6.5" x 3.25" display, 2 weighing modes (Lbs. & KG).

Bench Scale The DW-440 bench scale is a 440 pound x 0.02 pound (200KG x 10G) professional bench scale geared towards industrial or shipping usage. The stainless steel platform is 12" x 16". The 20" tower is included and can be removed. A counting feature is also built in as well as a programmable alarm. Unit weighs 20 lbs. and power is from a built-in rechargeable battery with 110 volt cord.

Model Description Shipping Weight Price ORDER
HD-300 HD-300 shipping scale 
14" x 14" Shipping Scale Capacity 300lbs x 0.1lb.
9 lbs. $135.00
DW-440 DW-440 bench scale 
12" x 16" Bench Scale Capacity 440lbs x 0.02lb.
20 lbs. $285.00
DW-94A Counting scales 
12" x 11" Digital Counting Scale Capacity 66lbs x 1G
7 lbs. $175.00
DW-94B Counting scales 
12" x 11" Digital Counting Scale Capacity 33lbs x 0.5G
7 lbs. $175.00
DW-94C Counting scales 
12" x 11" Digital Counting Scale Capacity 6.6lbs x 0.1G
7 lbs. $175.00

DW-94A Counting Scale

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