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Flavor Maker Vacuum Tumbler For Home Use

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Flavor Maker F-8 and F-15 Vacuum Tumblers
Flavor Maker F-8 Vacuum Tumbler
F-25 Flavor Maker Vacuum Tumbler 25 pound capacity
Flavor Maker F-25 Vacuum Tumbler

F-8, F-15 and F-25 Vacuum Meat Tumblers
Counter Top Marinade/Massage Tumblers

The F-8, F-15 and F-25 Flavor Maker Vacuum Meat Tumblers are ideal for the small batches normally processed by hunter's and other home food processors. They will tumble and marinade batches of 5 to 8 pounds (F-8 Model), 12 to 15 pounds (F-15 Model) or 25 pounds (F-25 Model) in sixty minutes or less. These tumblers let you get the same advantages (add moisture and flavor to different meat cuts while tenderizing them at the same time) that has been unaffordable for the home user until now!

These vacuum tumblers transform ordinary cuts into a taste sensation. Now you can tenderize and marinate in one easy operation. Add variety to your menu, while increasing yields and profits. Our new Marinade program is available with 19 tantalizing flavors.

  • Introduce New Menu Items
  • Increase Eye Appeal
  • Improve Flavor
  • Provide Uniform Color & Consistency
  • Vacuum pump pulls 21" of mercury
  • Our Patented interchangeable paddle system "allows a quick change from mild to aggressive tumbling action” (Model #s F-8 and F-15 ONLY.) F-25 with larger tank doesn't need different paddles!
  • Quick disconnects for vacuum connections. (NO BARBED HOSE FITTINGS).
  • Vacuum pump inside control box.
  • Flavor Maker Tumblers are made in the USA!
Look what you can do with a vacuum tumbler from Flavor-Maker!
Look what you can do with a vacuum tumbler!
Flavor Maker Tumblers are proudly made in the USA!

Counter top convenience! Control your meat quality and yield. Simply plug-in at a convenient location. Economical for smaller batches.


Length 17.50" 19.50" 21.50"
Width 11.75" 14.50" 16.75"
Height 12.00" with drum 12.00" with drum 17.50"
Weight 20 Lbs. 25 Lbs. 33 Lbs. (approx.)
Capacity 5-8 Lbs. 12-15 Lbs. 25 Lbs.
Vacuum System 21" Hg. max.
Internal electric pump
Drum Speed 8 RPM (approx.)
Tumble Timer Up to 60 Minutes
Electrical 120 VAC, 60Hz.
(220/240 VAC, 50 Hz. Available)

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120VAC, 60 Hz
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