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Chef's Page

   HACCP Plan Information
This section of our web site features tools for the professional chef and home cook who wants to try some of the cutting edge cooking processes. We are spotlighting sous vide (French: under vacuum) cooking equipment, smoking equipment, heating/cooling thermal baths and the Anti-Griddle™ flash freezing plate. By following the links listed below you can find all kinds of details on each piece of equipment plus lots of ideas on how to use them. If you need to implement a HACCP Plan for your sous vide cooking, vacuum packaging and/or cook-chill operations, check out our new, easy to use HACCP Portal.

Integrated Stainless Steel Bath Systems for Sous Vide cooking
Stainless Steel Integrated Bath Systems

Complete Sous Vide sytem utilizing stainless steel tanks. Several different sizes and thermal circulators are available.
Sous Vide Professional circulator    7306C Thermal Circulator for sous vide cooking
Thermal Circulators

Exceptional control of liquid heating! We feature the CREATIVE SERIES, CHEF SERIES and CLASSIC SERIES PolyScience® Thermal Circulators. The CLASSIC PLUS SERIES and ARTIST SERIES are also available as part of a complete Integrated Bath System. Technical Specificaations for all circulator models.
Integrated Polycarbonate Bath Systems for Sous Vide cooking
Polycarbonate Integrated Bath Systems

Complete Sous Vide sytem utilizing polycarbonate tanks. Two different sizes and thermal circulators are available.
Chamber vacuum machines from Minipack America.
Chamber Vacuum Machines

Ask us about the table top chamber vacuum machines from Minipack-Torre that are designed especialy for you, the professional chef! Several sizes available, all commercial quality! Chamber vacuum machines can vacuum pouches with liquid in them. Cycles time is under 30 seconds.
Polypropylene Balls to keep heat in thermal bath
Accessories for Sous Vide

Tanks, temperature probes,protective covers, polypropylene balls (keeps heat in open tank), travel case for circulator, custom lids for polycarbonate tanks.
Home Type Vacuum Machines

Several models of smaller, home type machines are available. Must use embossed pouches and will not work with liquid in the pouch.
Gas smokers - three sizes available
Propane Powered Smokers

Three sizes available: 30", 36" and 48". Propane powered for home smoking.
Vacuum Tumblers for quick marinading
Vacuum Tumblers

Add flavor profiles to meats easily and quickly. Marination times of 20-30 minutes.
Meat Grinders

Available in several sizes from two manufacturers.
Compressed air operated meat injecting system
Compressed Air Meat Injecting System

Inject flavor profiles or brine deep into any cut of meat. No motor - works on compressed air.
Grease transfer system-collect hot cooking grease safely
Grease Transfer System

Ideal way to move hot grease from a fryer to storage safely and easily.
Biro Pro-9 Meat Tenderizer

Tenderize or cut strips with the same piece of equipment!

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