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Liquid Trays For MVS Chamber Vacuum Machines

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Vacuum pack liquids easily with the MVS liquid tray accessory.
Two seal bar liquid tray
Single seal bar MVS-45 with liquid tray installed
One seal bar liquid tray

Most of our MVS vacuum chamber machines have an option that makes the vacuum packing of liquid filled pouches much easier! The SLANT TRAY FOR LIQUIDS or LIQUID TRAY is a stainless steel device that slants the pouch downward from the top of the seal bar to the bottom of the chamber. Single seal bar machines (see pictures above) (MVS-31, MVS-45) slant all the way back to the rear of the chamber. Double seal bar machines slant from the top of each seal bar to the bottom of the chamber, meeting together in the middle. They have an adjustable bar that may be positioned across the tray to hold the bottom of shorter pouches.

To use simply remove the white poly filler boards and place the slant tray in the chamber. Adjust the bottom bars for pouch length and you're ready to go. Remember when vacuuming liquids you must reduce the vacuum level to the point before the liquids start to boil.

You may add the Slant Tray to any of our chamber machines by selecting that option when ordering a machine. If you already have a MVS vacuum machine, you may order the slant tray separately below.

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